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People involved and families

At last, a platform that brings together all the information you need throughout your journey, as your needs evolve!


Find at a glance the reliable information and tools you can’t do without in your practice.


Become one of our partners and increase your impact on the community by bringing your own space and collections to life on Mylin!

Take charge of your care and make it easier to exchange information with your caregivers.

Browse through previously evaluated resources to quickly target the most relevant to your needs.

Collective intelligence needs each of us to progress. What could be better than taking an active part, while enjoying the benefits?

Access reliable, verified information at all times.

Quickly identify the right resources for the people you are working with.

Gather your favorite resources in your own toolbox and share them easily.

Be part of the collective intelligence by sharing tools and commenting on others'!

Benefit from detailed community feedback on the tools you share.

Take advantage of our collaborative platform to gain visibility and promote your initiatives!

You too can take part in collective intelligence. Alone we go fast, together we go far!

Our process

Mylin is the tool that finally brings together scientific data, field knowledge and personal experience, so that anyone in need can find answers and solutions.

Your use of Mylin provides valuable insights into the needs of the community, enriching science and enabling it to better respond to your needs.

Mylin, a co-constructed platform

Mylin’s content evolves in a dynamic of co-construction. The tools are revised according to your experiences and feedback, and as research progresses.

We all have a role to play in providing quality, up-to-date content!

By leaving detailed feedback after using the tools on Mylin, you enable future users to access the best content more quickly.

Indicate your general appreciation of the tool

Give an indication of the tool's effectiveness

Help assess tool credibility

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