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Mylin links scientific data to our community’s practical knowledge to bring you reliable and useful information.

Thanks to your use of Mylin, we can offer a personalized product that enriches the world of science as much as the community.

Started with autism, Mylin extends to all tools that focus on personal growth, well-being and mental health

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Linking knowledge together



Mental health

All domaines

Ethical development designed by and for the community

“We strongly believe that the Myelin project represents an efficient strategy that meets a need repeatedly expressed by all actors involved.”

Gabrielle Sabbagh, ps. ed.
Coordinator of the Réseau national d’expertise en trouble du spectre de l’autisme (RNETSA)

“During COVID-19, we used it time and time again to give references to parents. We shared it in great numbers so that they could access this information.”

Geneviève Chénard
Co-owner and psychoeducator at Entre-nous, multidisciplinary clinic