Pooling our knowledge for the good of the community

We share Mylin data for research purposes. It is important for us to use our users’ data ethically in order to protect our users while advancing research in the field.

Would you like to open a portal and share tools?

A portal brings together collections of tools on a specific theme.
We currently have 4 portals resembling tools for people with autism and special needs.

Would you like to work with us to create a new portal? Contact us!

Analyze your portal data

As a portal owner, you'll have access to detailed data on interactions with your tools, with the aim of enriching your mental health research.

Let’s work together to get better!

The Dashboard tab gives you access to your portal’s user data.

All this data is ready to be analyzed and used to advance your research.

You can then share the results of your research so that everyone can benefit from them!

Contact us if you would like to collaborate with us or if you have any questions.

Here you’ll find

  • Your most visited tools
  • Detailed characteristics of your visitors
  • See if the type of tools you offer in greater numbers is really the one that gets the most visits.
  • Number of visits, shares, saves and follows for each tool
  • Visitor feedback