Thematic Portals

In addition to our autism and tools pages, many organisations are mobilising to create pages on various topics using Mylin’s technology to provide free support to the community

Autism and COVID-19

Built with the Fédération québécoise de l’autisme (FQA) and the Réseau national d’expertise en trouble du spectre de l’autisme (RNETSA), this page offers information, tools and resources for children, teenagers and adults with autism, their relatives and the professionals who support them.

Special needs students

Under construction with the Centre de transfert pour la réussite éducative du Québec (CTREQ) and the Giant Steps School, this page aims to support teachers and parents in the perseverance and academic success of elementary and secondary students, whether at school or at home.

Next Portals

We are looking for partners for the following topics:
  • Support for children with mental health problems
  • Support for seniors to maintain their mental health
  • Anxiety in times of COVID
  • Social distance and feelings of isolation
  • Consumption during COVID
In order to meet the needs, we develop these pages with partners embedded in their community. If you are interested in any of these topics or others, write to us!

Your Page

Do you want to promote your productions or those of your colleagues? You can create your own page and have full control over the content!

Here are some examples of our partners

Developing a page with us

Whether it is your page or a theme portal the first step is here: