A mental health information platform to help you make the best decisions.

Combining knowledge to go further

When it comes to mental health, finding the information you need can be a long and overwhelming process.

  • Scientific information can be overwhelming, hard to understand and not always free.
  • Practical information is not always documented and rarely shared when it is.
  • Very few free services take individual information because it is easier to standardize treatments and answers.
While all threeof these types of information are valuable, they’re just not enough when taken separately,. We believe it is by combining the three that we are able to find the answers we need. Mylin makes the connections between what science says, what works on the field and your unique needs to make sure you find information that’s most useful to you.

Myelin Solutions relies on a process of co-construction to create a platform for the community, with the community.

Coconstruction 2018
Fall 2019
Starting in 2020
Collaboration with the community
Co-creation with the community to develop an information and collaboration platform in autism
Practical experience with professionals
Adaptation of the application to the practice of practitioners and their collaboration with individuals with autism and their families
Extension to other fields
From autism to neurodiversity, we are expanding into other areas to better meet the needs of the community

Join us at the next co-construction or start one with us !

Our values

Our team

Marc-Olivier Schüle

Co-founder / President

Marise Bonenfant

Co-founder / Co-president / CKO

Francois Menet

Co-founder / CTO

Geneviève Ouellette

Information professional

Iris Martinez

Front-end developer

Marie-Pier Lemay

Back-End Developer

Our committees


Committee responsible for ensuring methodological rigor, transparency and data triangulation


Committee responsible for innovation, research and technology development


Committee responsible for ensuring that Mylin’s activities are carried out in an ethical manner, at all levels

Mylin is a collaborative platform created by Myelin Solutions, a social entreprise founded in 2017 in Montreal.

To learn more about the organization behind the platform, visit Myelin.Solutions.